The Promises She Keeps

The Promises She Keeps, by Erin Healy is a story about the impact you leave in life.

I struggled a little with the first few chapters. I wasn't immediately swept up into the story. But I am glad I continued because it is a worthwhile read. It isn't the typical fiction story where you are dropped into the middle of the action and feel like you are just along for the ride. The experience of this book is more about the trip than the destination.

I wouldn't recommend it for readers who are sensitive to reading about a character who is a witch. However, Healy handles it very well and does not delve into dark rituals, merely alludes to them. The good and evil are obvious.

This is not an overtly Christian story to me because there is not a "conversion" scene. As a Christian, I saw beautiful images that an unbeliever might find benign. I think that this book would be enjoyable for both Christians and non Christians--anyone who hopes for immortality. I will read it again.

Disclaimer: I am not required to give a good review since I received this book for free from, however I do personally recommend this book.

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