Out of my comfort zone

"Do Hard Things," written by twin brothers, Alex and Brett Harris, pushes a counter-culture rebellion.

The culture is that all youth stuck between childhood and responsibility should rebel, screw-off and satisfy self. Of course, we have a new phenomena of teenagers that never outgrow this and well into their thirties they still wonder what they should do with themselves. Relationally, vocationally, spiritually...

My 16 year old son eyed me one day while reading "Do Hard Things," and asked "Isn't that book for teenagers?"

But think about it: who places menial demands on the youth? Parents, teachers, coaches.

Children usually rise to expectations placed on them, why would it be any different for teenagers? While reading, I began to realize the expectations I put on myself as well as my children.

I have always admired people who pushed themselves, but it has never been a conscious effort of my own. I believed I was brave and adventurous enough to enjoy life. However, the concept of stepping out of my comfort zone, on purpose, to grow...scared me. And I realized that I have let my little circle shrink since I was a teenager.

I won't be surprised if the authors write a middle aged sequel when they hit their thirties and forties. In the meantime, I think everyone involved in a teenager's life should read this book. I received it for free as part of my participation in Multnomah's Blogging for Books.

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