Same Kind of Different as Me

Recently I finished "Same Kind of Different As Me" by By Ron Hall and Denver Moore. I enjoy memoirs, but especially when they read like fiction.

The story is about the lives of a homeless man and a wealthy art dealer, colliding for God's purpose. I chose this book simply because I was curious about the homeless. I didn't choose this book so I could loose myself from worldly trappings...or feel such conviction that I wanted to sell all my possessions. Fortunately, that isn't the book's motive.

The most enjoyable thing was the sincerity of their story. Ron Hall's approach was not pretentious or stereotypical. He expressed things that someone might really feel, but be reluctant to admit. For instance, he was wondered about disease at the homeless shelter. Denver Moore was equally transparent about his impressions and experiences.

That kind of honesty made me vulnerable to seeing both sides of homelessness. And that did challenge some of my assumptions. Mostly, that not everyone is where they are because of choices they made.

I received Same Kind of Different as Me for free from but I am not obligated to approve of or promote this book.

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