Rick and Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage

Rick and Bubba’s Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage delivers what it advertises: laughter and wisdom from the Bible. It is not, however, a guide for a marriage in trouble.

All 228 pages are an easy read, lighthearted and more akin to listening to a couple of guys jaw about their wives’ quirks. They mention their own faults plenty and enjoy highlighting the differences in men and women’s motivations, thought processes and rationalizations.

I picked up the book because the idea of reading about marriage from a man’s perspective intrigued me. I found a few opinions to be from the aforementioned skewed perspective, but many were delightful. The greatest asset I gained was Rick and Bubbu’s acknowledgment of the unpredictability of women. For instance, if a wife says you don’t have to buy her a gift, she is lying. There are some things a husband just needs to be told.

I didn’t agree with all of the translations of women’s thoughts or the examples of underlying issues during arguments, but it was all in good fun. And the point, that there usually are underlying issues during arguments, is true.

Even non-hunting couples will find this book a great reminder that the little irritations of learning to live with another imperfect human are worth the joys.

If you can laugh at yourself and like the idea of being privy to other marriages’ idiosyncrasies, reading Rick and Bubba’s guide will be like sitting on the porch with a chatty friend.

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